Paid Search Are More Than Ads

Paid Search Are More Than Ads

There is a lot more value to Paid Search marketing than just displaying ads on the google search as an advertising platform.

People use search engines to find the information they are looking for by typing in keywords associated with their query. Search engines then produce the options for the user to choose from. Paid search platform places your ads at the top of those results which gives you top visibility for the keywords that you are targeting. From there, interested users will click on the link to visit your landing page, with the end goal of converting the user into a client.

This aspect is valuable in itself, but for us, the most important usage of this tool is the data that is recorded and collected within the dashboard.

There are many control points to paid search ads, which lends itself to collecting data to refine your campaign going forward.

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You can control positioning of where your ads are placed in relation to the other ads on the page. You are able to collect data on how long are users are staying on a page. Are they leaving the page? Are they calling the phone number that’s on the page? Are they filling out the form?

All of those actions are being recorded. This data, along with a multitude of other data can be used to make adjustments to your campaign aimed to increase the visibility of your ads and positively affect the user experience to increase the conversion rate, and ultimately, your bottom line.

The benefit, does not stop at the performance of ads.  Companies are using this data to refine the overall experience for their patrons in the real world, as we can see what is in demand and if that demand is increasing or decreasing.  We’re learning people react to one’s product, one’s company, one’s service. What we’re actually doing is giving knowledge to any particular company that they should definitely know. This is live data. We consider it a more accurate look than a survey, as people do not always tell the truth in the questionnaires. This data is also being used to run SEO campaigns, as we can find keywords that are performing well that are low in competition.

In all, every online marketing professional wants to maximize the ROI of the campaign they are running.  The best way to do this would be to use the data that is being collected to refine the campaign to ensure the greatest results.  This data happens to be useful to the company as a whole and ultimately can be used to make big decisions towards the company’s expansion.

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